06 December 2014

Shawl of Sharing

Some time back, a group of fibre artists I belong to banded together to support one of our members who is dealing with cancer.  Of course we did this in the way we know best ... knitting and spinning. I coordinated part of the project, which involved an awful lot of hand spun yarn being shipped to me from all over the world. 
The extra yarn has been sitting here waiting for a project ... and just the other day it finally told me what it wants to be.
I've been knitting Shawls of Sharing: some are set aside for members of the group that was involved in the larger project, but I decided to post one of them for a wider audience, and share the love a bit further.
This shawl is knit from handspun yarn – wool and assorted other fibres (though I don’t believe there is any mohair – there is probably some angora, definitely some silk, and mostly pure wool). It is a slightly curved triangle shape, so it will sit easily on the shoulders, or can be wrapped up tighter like a scarf, or closed at the front with a shawl pin. Colours vary from browns and greens and blues through to a burgundy edging … it’ll go with absolutely anything you choose to wear it with, given all the colours it contains!
Photo 2014-12-06, 12 07 59 PMPhoto 2014-12-06, 12 09 39 PMPhoto 2014-12-06, 2 24 06 PMPhoto 2014-12-06, 2 24 53 PMPhoto 2014-12-06, 2 25 04 PMPhoto 2014-12-06, 2 24 16 PM
Here's how The Shawl of Sharing Project works:
If you would like to have this shawl (or have it sent to someone else), perform an act of kindness or make a donation to charity then tell me about what you've done and you'll be entered into the draw. It doesn't have to be anything big: drop some coins into the Salvation Army kettle, make a donation to the food bank, give the mail carrier a cookie, buy a cup of coffee and a muffin for a homeless person, whatever. Small acts of kindness can change the world one little bit at a time … and we aren’t bragging about what we’ve done, we are sharing and inspiring others to find ways to spread a little kindness in the world too.
So spread some love in the world, tell us what you have done, and maybe this Shawl of Sharing will come to you!
Responses can be made here on the blog, or on Facebook. I’ll draw a name on December 21, to celebrate Solstice and the return of the light!

Medication changes

I've been having more trouble of late. Winter is always harder ... The "yukky stuff" in my past seemed to happen  between thanksgiving and Easter, and that's when my symptoms ramp up. 

I saw my psychiatrist earlier this week, and we are trying a change in meds ... More sertraline, less Prazosin. 

Adjusting to the new doses is a bit of a strain on the body ... I'm spending a lot of time on the couch knitting bulky plain shsls. My brain is foggy and I am so tired ... It should pass in a couple of weeks though. 

In the meantime, I'm working on a project ... More about that shortly. 

Here is a sneak preview:

01 December 2014

What dreams may come

The dreaming is exhausting. 

There are things buried in my mind that I'd really rather not see ... And they show up in my sleep, then those visions haunt me through the day. 

I feel betrayed by my own mind.