10 September 2016

Mindful Stitches

I've been very inspired by the work of Jude Hill (http://spiritcloth.typepad.com/) and others who work with cloth and hand stitching. 

Sitting with fabric and thread and piecing broken and torn things into something new (or newer), giving a longer life to some much used pieces of fabric... This is confirming and comforting. 

I've been working on a Big Stitch piece made with natural dyed fabric from a fun adventure weekend my friend and neighbour hosted this summer :

It's layered on old flannel from a thrift store sheet and backed with two layers of beautifully soft cotton sheeting. The stitches are crochet cotton, just long running stitches in no particular order or arrangement. It makes a really lovely rippled texture that feels wonderful. 

Today I decided to invest some time I'm an old (old) quilt. This was my dad's when he was a boy, and it saw lots of use on my bed as a child, and on my son's bed when he was little. The fabric is wearing through in many places, but the quilt as a whole is still reasonably intact... Certainly sufficient as a base for some creative stitching repair. 

I am finding pieces in my fabric bin and making new patches to appliqué over the worn places. 

The binding is going to take some thinking, but it's a lovely, unhurried sort of project, perfect for these weary days.