07 December 2016


It’s chilly (-22C) but the wind has died down thankfully and the sun is out. Everything is better with sunshine.

Miss May was a bit shivery so I put her sweater on (yes, I knit a sweater for my donkey). Filled the water bucket, fed them hay and gave Sasha alfalfa, watered the freeloading chickens, and took a bunch of photos so I can do my landscape planning.




Gotta get something sorted for dinner, and I think mostly today will be for resting.

04 December 2016



pretty socks

I love self patterning sock yarn. 

#kroysock #knittng 


Stained Glass Barn Windows

Okay maybe not exactly glass. 

Should serve to block the wind, though, while still letting in light. 

(For the non farm people out there, those are feed sacks. Very handy.)