28 October 2015

Medical marijuana cookies

I've been using a milk extract for a good while, but man, does it taste nasty. 

Now that I'm pretty settled with dosage, I decided to try cookies. More portable, and, with enough cocoa and cinnamon, not vile. :)

Here's the process:

Measure your marijuana (weigh carefully) and write down how many milligrams you have. 

Sprinkle the ground greens into a cast iron pan (or use a baking sheet) and slide into a preheated oven at 350 F for 10 minutes... Possibly less, possibly more, depending on the humidity and so on. What you want is to heat it until it turns slightly browned, not toasted or burned, but not so green. 

Meanwhile, fill your smallest slow cooker with water and get it heating up. Put 1/2 cup of butter (must be butter, not margarine or whatever else) in a glass measuring cup and hook the handle over the edge of the slow cooker. This makes an awesome double boiler! 

When the marijuana has been baked (it's officially called decarboxylation), add it to the melting butter. Leave it on the slow cooker double boiler overnight.

Mix in a spoonful of cocoa, a generous shot of cinnamon, and ginger, and nutmeg if you like. The spices help drown the taste of the weed, which is... Well, rather green. You can do this the night before to make it smell a little nicer as it heats, or do it when you get to baking. 

Mix in 1/3 cup sugar and 1 cup of flour. Adjust the flour quantity a bit as needed so that you have a dough that handles easily: you need to roll it into balls, so you want it sticky enough to hold together and dry enough not to  coat your hands. 

Now the important part: weigh the batch of dough. (I put my scale inside a plastic bag then just lay the ball of dough on the scale.) Math time! Make sure you get this right...

Milligrams of marijuana  / grams of dough 
-> that gives you the number of milligrams of MJ per gram of dough. Write this down. 

Make a ball of dough about the size of a single cookie and weigh it. If you multiply the mass of the cookie by the dose per gram, you can see the dose per cookie. Adjust until you get the dose you want. 

It's easier than it sounds :

3 grams (300 mg) of marijuana went into 
450 grams of cookie dough 

300/450= 0.6 mg/g

A 10 gram cookie will have 6 mg of marijuana in it - around half the dose I take, so I'd want an 18 g cookie at 10.8 mg. 

Weigh each ball of dough to make sure it is the right size then place on a silicone mat on a baking sheet and flatten with your thumb, or a fork or a glass. Bake at 325F for about 15 minutes.

Eat one and wait an hour to see how you feel... Wait another hour before deciding you need more. An overdose won't kill you but it's quite unpleasant (dizziness, nausea, a lot like having had way too much alcohol). The peak of the woozy effect should pass within about an hour from when it hits... If you get the dosage just right, you just feel better and your head doesn't get woozy at all. :)

Label clearly!!!!! 

Let me know if you try this! :)

24 October 2015

The Studio

Because Ireland gave us a desire for more simplicity, less clutter, more purposeful mindfulness in what we do. 

More on how that came about later... For the moment, it's nice to know that the books are sorted, the living spaces clearer, and the chiming clock wound once again to help me hear each moment and be in it more fully.