04 February 2016

Upcycled cardigan

An oversized shirt, scraps of several stained and worn t-shirts, some ribbon, embroidered cuffs from a worn sleep shirt...

And lots of little stitches. 

I'll just keep stitching things together and adding quilted bits until I no longer feel like I need to keep sewing. 

29 January 2016


... I just can't. 

So I put on my reindeer pyjamas and got back into bed. 

Some days are like that, even in Australia.

28 January 2016

Cheese test!

Today I cut open the first cheese I made on January 15:

It is very mild yet, sort of... Gouda-ish. Very yummy. 

I've sealed it back up and will let it age a few more weeks.

There is a lot of cheese stacking up... Yay!

19 January 2016

Non linear journaling

I made this journal over the last two days... It's intended for non linear journaling, writing, drawing, stamping, adding bits and pieces and such. 

It's just a composition book, with lots of pages removed... Then stuff and paint added and pages glued together for thickness. There are a few tags hung on string, some tabs at the page edges, lots of room to add words and "stuff".

Most of the papers are leftovers from other projects, and everything is attached with plain white glue, glue sticks, washi tape stickers and assorted paints. 

This book is destined for someone else, and I hope it will be enjoyed... And written in and doodled on and stamped and scribbled and mussed up. 

That's what makes it personal.

13 January 2016

Dairy update

- Sasha is predictably giving 6 litres of milk every day, plus whatever the calf takes when he does "cleanup milking"

- the calf (who will acquire a name later this week) is tied in the barnyard today: he is being very good about the halter, munching hay, licking the fences, and helping himself to the water bucket 

- Sasha is still looking askance at the newcomer but her tolerance is slowly increasing 

- I am in the middle of making cheese from 9 litres of milk (using my biggest stock pot sitting in the enamel canner for a water bath)

- I have a couple of litres of cream warming up to make butter 

- I am going to lie down until the curds are ready to drain