27 February 2020

CPP Disability Application: 470 days and counting

: sent to the office of the Prime Minister today :

Hello, Prime Minister (and to whoever has the job of reading these as they come in).

I know that you have a lot on your plates right now, but I am writing today to ask that the government consider implementing a review of the Canada Pension Plan Disability process and service response times.

I have been disabled by PTSD since February of 2011. I was denied insurance coverage from my employer's plan, was denied CPP on my first application and appeal, have two failed return to work attempts, and was granted leave to make a second CPP application. That was submitted November 14, 2018 (that's not a typo - it's been 470 days). I spoke to a representative in November of 2019 (right around the one year anniversary of my application being "in progress"), and was informed that just the day prior, Edmonton had "handed off" a large number of files to the Chatham office, as they finally acknowledged that they were way behind and needed assistance. In December 2019, my care team were asked for more information. CPP has had it since the start of this month. My application is still pending and there's no indication of when a decision might be made.

Service Canada says applications should be handled within 4 months. It's been 15. We are expected to wade through the application process, assume we'll be denied on our first application, process the appeal, try to work, fail, apply again, and then... wait. And wait. In the interim, our families have to pay for our therapy and our meds (my husband has a job so we don't qualify for AISH and Blue Cross won't cover the most expensive of my meds) and we disabled people have to live not only with the burden of our disability, but the knowledge that we are, undeniably, a huge practical and financial burden on those who love us.

Please consider making enquiries into the *actual* turnaround times, and ... help. I can't be the only one in this boat. Thank you!

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