18 January 2015

Gram's chair and Grandma's teacup

Twenty years ago I sat in this chair, the blue recliner that held my Gram in the weeks before her death.

I was thirty weeks pregnant, waiting for my baby to be born and to die.

I was holding onto my sanity with both hands, and it so nearly slipped through my fingers.

We went and got Dax, my lovely Akita puppy, and she anchored me. 

My mother made me cup after cup of tea, as tears slowly fell down my cheeks.

Today I am again in my Gram's chair, sipping tea, this time from one of my other grandmother's lovely cups. I am again holding onto my sanity with both hands, though it is not such a dreadful battle now... more of a wearying journey. 

The tea is lavender Earl Grey from the beautiful farm down the way from my parents' home, just a short drive from the house this teacup lived in for so long.

I have such comfort in my life, so many beautiful memories of love and kindness and courage and happiness. Even on this weary journey, I am blessed.