20 June 2007

Hot, then rainy, then hot, then rainy

The weather is doing it's usual early summer mish mash of hot days followed by thundershowers every evening.

The grass is gorgeous - knee high in the central pasture (we have *got* to finish the perimiter fencing and get the sheep in there, it's getting out of hand!) and everything is beautifully green.

However, the area around the base of the addition is filled with standing water and boot-sucking clay mud. We need a week of hot dry weather to even begin drying it out so that the weeping tile can be put in place.

Ah well, at least the subfloor is on and the sump pump installed so the interior is staying more or less dry.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:58 am

    Sounds like Texas!! We are seeing more of those frequent rains that we usually see! But, it is nice to have the green grass without having to water the yard!

    Love, AC


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