08 November 2007

The beginnings of winter

Winter is officially on the way ... we have snow on the ground and frost in the air. We got our hay delivered just in time!

Construction on the addition continues, the electrical installation is nearly complete which means insulation will be up next. Once windows and insulation are in place, we can turn the heat on ... and once the heat goes on, some of the things that are crammed into this tiny space can be shifted over to the addition and we'll have a bit more breathing room! It is lovely to have everyone together, though, so it's worth the hassle and crowding.

I've been doing a bit of spinning, a bit of knitting, and some reading - I finally finished the last Harry Potter book. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire series: the Harry Potter tales manage to look the pain and sorrow of loss straight in the eye, and they inspire faith and courage in the midst of difficult times. It may be that the sheer intensity of the emotions in the stories resonates with me, but whatever it is, I come away from the books with a sense of gratitude for all that life has given me.

Ah, books are a wonderful thing. In fact, I think I'll go turn on my audiobook (the current one is a story of a spoiled prince stranded in the jungle where, in the course of his travels, he learns to be a real human being) and see if I can get a few more rounds knitted on my other mitten.

Check out www.audible.com - I'll bet they have a story for you, too!

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  1. Anonymous12:21 am

    Winter?? We are still wearing flip-flops in Texas! Kids playing outside without even a sweater. I often think of The Boy wanting his coat to go outside here in Texas in May!! :-) Memories!! I love them!!!

    Love, AC


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