23 January 2008

Today, the inevitable occurred.

I hit a deer on the way to work, just about 25 mins from home (work is 1.25 hours away, ish).

I was in the Intrigue, not either of the trucks, alone, no kids.

The deer dashed out of the ditch in a spot where the trees are right close to the road, so of course I didn’t see it until it was in front of me. Slammed on brakes, and heard shattering glass. Opened my eyes and was shocked to see the windshield intact. Looked to the right, and the rear view passenger side mirror was inside the car – ah, that’s where the glass came from. Passenger window shattered. I got out and looked to see the deer – figured I oughta put it out of it’s misery if it wasn’t dead (well, call someone to do that… I’m a country girl now but I don’t drive around with a shotgun in my car) – it was nowhere in sight. Saw it’s hoof prints off into the trees, so I guess the coyotes will feast tonight. No way it got off without some serious damage, although there was no blood. I heard from the Reluctant Farmer that it's there in the ditch now, so maybe I just didn't see it.

So I checked out the car … oops, the headlights are dangling out because the hood is buckled from impact … but it was driveable so I put the flashers on and drove home (very cold with that window open). I had to have a shower to warm up and get the glass bits out of my hair, then I went to lie down. My body kicked into “sedate this crazy person so she doesn’t try to do anything else” mode, and I slept for a couple of hours. My Reluctant Farmer fiance woke me up, and I did a bit of remote work – we have a super busy day at the office, my poor partner is carrying a massive load today trying to do a bunch of stuff of mine plus all his … I’ll go in tomorrow.

So yeah, that’s what happened.

Oh yes, and one of my other coworkers kindly booked me an appointment with the chiropractor upstairs, for tomorrow. So that’ll be a good thing – it hurts quite a bit already but I did put Deep Cold on it!

One look at this should tell you why I don't feel so hot:


  1. Anonymous7:19 am

    OUCH!! I bet you are sore this morning. Hopefully, both you and your car will be feeling better before too long!

    Love you, AC

  2. Anonymous8:26 am

    Glad you are Ok . Drive carefully. A friend of ours hit a deer out in the country and while her car was in for repairs, she drove a rental. On her way to retrieve her own vehicle, she hit/was hit by yet another deer. They are so beautiful. Too bad they are not very bright !

  3. Anonymous2:12 pm

    You should get those whistle thingers you attach to the car to scare away wild life.


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