07 September 2008

Introducing Gracie

Last week, Dinosaur Boy asked for a Family Meeting. After dinner, he announced that he would like to get a bunny of his own. We talked about the responsibilities of pet ownership, and had a lot of questions for him. How would he pay for the feed? (he will do chores here to help pay for his bunny's share) Who will clean the bunny cage when he is not here? (Dad already agreed to do that job) Is he willing to get a girl bunny, since Charlie is already here and opposite gender bunny pairs tend to do better together? (yes, that's fine)

So, The Reluctant Farmer started looking for a bunny. A very nice lady had some bunnies she wanted to give to good homes and offered one to Dinosaur Boy. I went out after work and picked up Gracie - who is HUGE compared to Charlie! Gracie is part French Lop, and will weigh in at about 10 pounds or more when full grown (Charlie is already full grown and is about six pounds). At four months, she is already bigger than Charlie ... but she is very loveable and happy to be held and cuddled.

We've had the two bunnies in cages next to each other, allowing them to get used to being together. They've been out a few times and there has been a little bit of fur flying as they get used to sharing the house, but overall, it seems to be going very well. Gracie herself is so gentle and loving (with the people anyway, she's still not quite sure what she thinks of Charlie), we are glad she's joined us!

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