07 October 2008

Milk Progress

Okay, I know, you're probably tired of hearing me rhapsodize about milking the cow. But really, it's exciting. Honest. It is.

This morning, I milked for 15 minutes, two handed, into the bucket held between my feet ... and I got nearly a litre of milk. And, I got most of it into the bucket (the first few days of milking, I had soaked knees).

Progress, I tell you, progress!


  1. Oh - congrats!I can't wait to really milk the sheep.

  2. Flannelberry, I've milked a sheep! I looked after a friend's farm last winter, and a ewe lambed, and lost the baby. We milked out the sheep so we could save the colostrum (liquid gold, that) ... it was worth it, but in 20 minutes I got maybe a cup of milk. With Sasha, I get a litre in that much time, or less! Do let me know how your dairy sheep work out ... I think if I were milking sheep regularly I'd look into one of those milking gadgets, their teats are just too small for human hands. Hey ... maybe you can teach the kid to do the milking! He has tiny hands, right? :)


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