04 June 2009

Ah, there *is* an explanation!

Sharon Astyk has a wonderful post today that explains ... well, lots of things.

The message is for all those who find themselves somehow attached to a previously normal person who suddenly comes down with a serious case of 'farm dreaming' ... Sharon explains what's happening, and how to live with someone afflicted with / blessed by this chronic condition.

[My husband's] advice to all of you, if you have a spouse with a serious case of the farm dream, is simply “let go, complain a lot (so that he/she appreciates properly how much you are suffering, and feels guilty enough to be accomodating of *your* dreams and pleasures), but go with it - it really isn’t that bad.” ...

And the funny thing is, it can be fun, and not just for the one with the dream. There’s something about learning new stuff, about building, making, growing and tending your own that is…well…neat. And neat not just to the person deeply infected by the crazy-agrarian-brain-parasite, but often, to the least likely people.

It's all so very familiar - and if you've read this blog, you'll see us in just about every paragraph. I mean, I'm married to The Reluctant Farmer himself!

Like all of Sharon's work, it's a great read, and I guarantee you'll find yourself laughing along the way.

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  1. Anonymous8:46 pm

    I can only deal with so much insanity - so I am glad to have read this article which has the potential to convince me that my kid has not lost the very last of her senses. (Common sense never was her thing!) We are not even related to any farmers - this really is a parasite!
    Mother of the farm woman


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