23 October 2009

Knitting in the peace and quiet

The other night, after a long day at work, I sat in the big leather chair and worked on my knitting.

No TV.

No iPod.

No radio.


It was wonderful.


We don’t get enough peace and quiet, I think. It’s good for the soul.


  1. Anonymous10:16 am

    Nothing like peace and quiet to do "your thing"!It really is good for the soul. Sharon

  2. I was thinking about this post, and perhaps more than I thought as I actually had a dream last night related to it. In my dream, I met up with these mennonite folks and expressed to them how much I respected and envied their lifestyle. They invited me to help them on their farm, and I was elated! I woke up so excited to be working on a farm.

  3. Dughee, maybe your mind is trying to tell you something, eh? :)

    Those of us who spend our days at keyboards seem to need the "low input time" in the off-hours even more. Ever notice how many geeks there are in the SCA, for instance? Or how many spinners/fibre artists/woodworkers etc have day jobs working at computers? I think it's a compensation mechanism: humans just weren't designed to live in the kind of high input environment we immerse ourselves in.

    Wanna learn to knit? :)


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