02 February 2010

Farewell Duggan

I got an email today from Duggan’s new family … his kidneys finally failed, and they made the hard decision to let him go to sleep for the last time.

He had a good life, really, and a fairly long one for a beagle – he was ten years old. He came to live with us when The Boy was just in kindergarten, and Duggan was a year old then … he was a good companion when you needed a friend who loved you no matter what. He wasn’t really sure about the whole farm life thing – but after awhile, he got used to being here and spent his days snoozing in the sun with the cats curled up next to him (The Reluctant Farmer used to make fun of him for consorting with cats, no self-respecting dog would do that!). One day, he answered a call only he could hear, and wandered off west where he found Miss Ruby, who needed him so badly. After Miss Ruby’s passing, he found his retirement home where he was cared for and loved through his last illness, and today, our kind and gentle vet helped him into his final rest.

I miss his soft ears, and his happy wagging tail. He was a good dog, and I’m sure he has found Miss Ruby in heaven. No doubt she’s happy to see him.


  1. Yup, he was a good dog; definitely a character. I remember how he would curl up in his dog bed and make those snorty noises, and how he was always ludicrously happy to see you when you came to the door. He was curious, but a little unsure of what to make of Squeaker the cat when they first met, so it is funny to think of him lounging with the farm cats. He was a softy, though, and he seemed to have a way of winning over both people and critters.

    So long, Duggan. Thanks for doing what you were so good at: making us smile :)


  2. Anonymous12:08 pm

    We are just a bit sad to know that Duggan is gone but are glad he had his life's "ministry" opportunity! A good reminder to all of us that everyday brings the opportunity to care for someone else and to recognize that unless we are in tune, we might miss that "call".
    Gram and GA


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