14 March 2010

Knitted solutions to every day problems

A few days ago, I got a message from The Boy while I was at work (we talk on MSN while he is doing school and I am working).

Boy: I have a  project for you, but I’m afraid to even ask because I think you might just get too excited.

Me: Oh yeah? Something to do with fibre?

Boy: Yeah. I need you to knit a cover for the arm of my chair – the vinyl is cracked and it keeps scratching my arm.

Me: Hey, cool, I can do that!

I was most impressed that his solution to the problem involved knitting – I think most fourteen year old boys would’ve probably tried duct tape or something.

However, my boy knows and understands fibre, so we looked through the stash for appropriate yarn (in this case, cheap but sturdy acrylic seemed a good choice) and settled on blue and red.

The Boy traced the arm of the chair on a piece of paper, and I cast on a few stitches, increased to match the curve of the drawing, then knit randomly striped stockinette until it was long enough, decreased to match the other curve and cast off. 

Then, as sock patterns say, I made another to match.

The resulting ovals of knitted fabric are now stretched over the arms of the chair and laced in place, and The Boy says they are exactly what he needed.

Cool, eh?

Knitted Solutions to Every Day Problems ought to be a knitting book. Maybe I should write it! I need chapter suggestions. Any ideas?

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  1. Oh my - what a great idea for a book!

    You could do tea cozies to arm chair covers. Pet beds... cable cozies to prevent nerd nests. I can keep going on here. Floor rugs knit and/or woven from scraps for wet times of year.


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