01 May 2010

I want a farm just like Isaiah’s

Sharon Astyk writes of her son Isaiah’s wish for a farm:

I know, because he tells us, what Isaiah’s farm dream is – he wants more animals, more kinds of creatures.  He wants a tall, two story barn with a hayloft, and ideally, barn cats to chase and bales of hay to climb in.  He wants more of the animals to be his own special ones, his to care for and choose.  He wants to sell more things, be a true working farm with people coming down the drive to buy eggs and plants – and sometimes from him.  He wants it to be beautiful to others, beautiful to us, integral to the landscape and to the community – the place our neighbors come to buy what they need that we can provide.  He wants to be part of the diversified small farm of every child’s dream.

All I can say is … Isaiah, me too. :)


  1. Anonymous8:50 pm

    OK I'm all for those of you who love and want this lifestyle - I just don't get it so I guess I'm missing the genes. That said, I'm a strong supporter of farmer's market adn wish you all happy days ahead!
    the Gram of Applejack creek gang

  2. Anonymous8:12 am

    I'm with you Gram. I guess the genes missed here as well. The thought of that much work and commitment doesn't do anything for me.

  3. There will always be City Mouses and Country Mouses ... the world needs both!

    It is interesting, though ... I find the work on the farm waaaaaaaaay less exhausting than the kind of work I do for a salary. Cube-farms are just horrid places, no human should be confined to one (thankfully I'm not in one anymore, but I am fortunate: the place I work now is an anomaly in the industry and I know how lucky I am!)

    Okay, it *is* true that I overdid it today and I'm pretty sore just now ... but that's because I have to cram all the stuff in on Saturday and Sunday. If I had a farm like Isaiah's, well, I could work on it some each day!

    Oh boy, would that ever be awesome. :)


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