02 October 2010

Knitting: Swirl Neckwarmer

A Facebook conversation about knitting turned into a trade: she’ll sew a skirt for me, and I’ll knit a neck warmer for her! We both feel like we’re getting the better end of the deal – which is pretty much the definition of a successful swap. :)

I knit from the Swirl Neckwarmer pattern – and may I just say how truly awesome Ravelry is for finding patterns! I used some heather green 100% wool yarn that I had in my stash: 2 ply mule spinner yarn from Custom Woolen Mills, made from local wool on antique equipment by really neat people (I’ve been there for a tour … awesome place).

I only used a single strand of wool, unlike the doubled strands the pattern recommends, as the yarn I had was sufficiently bulky on it’s own. The Brioche stitch is amazingly voluminous, which means it will trap air and be nice and warm, which is the point. My crochet skills are not quite as amazing as one might hope, so the edges of the finished product actually swirl out a little more than in the original, but I’m considering it a design feature.

Will post a photo when I get one uploaded. It was really a fun knit, worked up very quickly and easily … highly recommended.


  1. Nice! Nice deal, but also nice neck warmer. I wonder if my skills are up to it. I'm looking for an easy thing to do with my hands while I watch copious amounts of late-night tv. Otherwise I use my hands to eat junk. Not the best thing.

  2. Oh yes, Ev, very easy! Not quite sure how developed your knitterly skills are - I seem to recall you saying you were a rookie yet?

    There are only 3 you need here:

    Knit you know.

    YO (yarn over) just means take the yarn from the back, bring it to the front, then put it over the needle and to the back again (kind of 'loop around').

    K2Tog is knit two together: go through both stitches & knit 'em like they were just one.

    And you have to bind off, but I bet you know that too.

    It was a super easy and very mindless knit - right and wrong sides are done the same!

    Go for it. :)

  3. Justine2:39 pm

    I'm almost famous! :)
    Glad you loved knitting this - I love wearing it! :D :D :D


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