20 December 2010

Wheel Alignment

When spinning, one hand is 'forward' and one is 'back' - the forward one controls the twist, and the backward one holds the pile of fibre. I spin with my right hand forward, and the pile of fibre in my left hand. This is fine on a wheel where the orifice is right in front of you as it doesn't much matter which way you twist ... but with the Canadian Production Wheel, it's a bit trickier. They were probably intended for the opposite arrangement of hands – it’d definitely be  bit easier to arrange yourself at the wheel if you spun with the hands in the other positions, anyway.

Still, I’ve discovered that this slightly unexpected alignment of spinner and wheel seems to work quite well:


The wheel is more beside me than directly in front of me, and that leaves plenty of room for drafting.

Of course, in this picture I’m spinning lovely machine prepped rovings so able to do that fancy long draw technique. :)

I also managed to fill a bobbin (i.e. spin up two lumps of roving that were each about as big around as a soccer ball) in an hour. This truly is a production wheel!


  1. Anonymous8:49 am

    i often find myself in a similar position! it eases that horrible ache of twisty-shoulder. :)

  2. Jen, have you ever noticed that when you do long draw up by your ear that way you can hear the yarn *hum*?

    Talk about cool.


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