09 February 2011


I have, to my surprise, discovered that restoring antique wheels is a remarkably satisfying and engaging activity. It’s a hobby that probably borders on obsession/addiction, but hey, I’m okay with that.

I regularly surf the local Kijiji for wheels that might need some restoration or the attention of a spinner/fixerupperperson and this past week I found an ad for an interesting European wheel. I emailed the seller and discovered that they had THREE wheels for sale – one complete, one with the flyer but no bobbin, and one with neither.

I am now the long-distance-almost-owner of ...

  • an intact wheel with a really neat metal flyer that has slits-and-holes for the yarn, instead of hooks:


  • a really neat 'sideways' wheel – the spinner sits facing the edge of the wheel, rather than the hub, and the yarn makes a sharp ‘right hand turn’ into the flyer assembly:


  • another sideways wheel in need of a full flyer/bobbin assembly and a maiden repair:


I can’t wait to see how these wheels clean up and to get them back into spinning condition. Once they are restored, I hope to put them in the hands of spinners who will be part of ensuring that they have ‘another century of productive life’.


  1. Anonymous6:21 am

    you are indeed your father's daughter...the original Mr. Fixit. We must share some genes as the need to repair/prepare the pieces is as much a part of the hobby as the artwork.. Both a craft and an art. Interesting wheels!!

  2. Anonymous7:02 pm

    You will need to build a shop soon! Glad you are getting so much enjoyment out of the antiques!


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