04 September 2013


I love my work.

Hand dyed yarns which will be packaged with my knitting patterns as shawl or sock kits.

Gradient dyed alpaca/wool lopi, which will be weft for a coat/vest/blanket (not sure which yet).

One blanket finished, the next started.

You might be able to tell that the twill direction changes at the centre: if you look at the second blanket, with the lighter weft thread, you can see the diamond that forms at the centre of the dark purple stripe which is the middle of the blanket, that’s where the angles meet. It isn’t particularly noticeable on the first blanket, but it’s showing up nicely on the second.


  1. Anonymous8:13 pm

    WOW - this looks so good! And I think it is a fun thing to do even if it is a lot of work! Dad and I love the colors!

    Wishing you an incredible first show!
    Mom & Dad

  2. Anonymous8:14 pm

    All those colors are MY colors!!! I like all of them so glad I don't have to choose!

    Love, AC


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