06 February 2014

Day 2: med report

By afternoon yesterday, the mellowing had worn off. There is something very interesting about having a drug *work*... Like, maybe there really is something going on here, chemically, if a drug that acts by interfering with adrenalin can have such a noticeable effect on me. Hmmm. 
Anyway, last night I took the same dose ... Took longer to fall asleep but I had a good rest and didn't wake until morning when Ben needed help (ate something that came back up). No dizziness even though I got up fast, and I've got a headache again but nothing serious. Tonight I'll be increasing the dose - that's a day earlier than planned, but I have to go out Saturday so I figure it's best to try the increase when I have nowhere to be the following day, just in case. And, I can tell from how I feel that the increase is needed. 
Off to do today's running around ... Further bulletins as events warrant. 

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