27 March 2014

Wet Felting

You know, I actually like wet felting. It’s a lot of physical work (well, it can be, depending how big the thing is you are felting and how emphatic you have to get with the washboard) but the results are so unbelievably FAST and COOL.

I made this today at the Alpaca Show, at Northlands, in about two or three hours.

It’s straight-from-the-alpaca fibre, carded quickly just to fluff it open so the locks didn’t make the fabric too lumpy, embellished with some locks of different colours. There’s also a funky flower thing on the front which is made from a vessel that didn’t quite work out as planned – plain alpaca fleece embellished with some sparkly stuff I brought from home. I had no sewing tools with me today, but tomorrow I’ll stitch the leaves in place and probably add a button or two or three.

Fun day. More tomorrow!

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