24 August 2014

Felting Workshop

Today I taught a felting workshop at the Pegg Garden … it was a load of fun!

Photo 2014-08-24, 2 03 30 PM

These lovely artists created felted vases … so many different colours!

Photo 2014-08-24, 2 03 46 PM

I did a quick intro, then worked on a demo vase while everyone had lunch … it was like dinner theatre but with soap and water and wool. (Mine’s the one on the far right with the thistle on it.) Everyone started their creations after seeing how it was done, and we had a lot of fun seeing everyone’s felting take shape. It starts out as this weird lump of soggy wool, and ends up as a shaped vase that stands up on it’s own!

Photo 2014-08-24, 2 04 08 PM

Look, this one is shaped like a pitcher.

My parents are here visiting from Ontario, and my mom came to the workshop with me today, which was really awesome. She arranged all the sample vases with flowers and greenery … the County Horticuluralist, Lorraine (on the right) cut the greens and Mom (on the left) did all the arrangements.

Photo 2014-08-24, 11 06 32 AM

Look how pretty they are!

Photo 2014-08-24, 10 59 15 AM

It was really fun.

When I came home, Dad and The Boy had been cutting deadwood out back – more firewood for winter, and less of a mess in the back!

Photo 2014-08-24, 4 14 29 PM

Look at all that!

Photo 2014-08-24, 5 35 09 PMPhoto 2014-08-24, 5 35 28 PM







What a lovely day.

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  1. Anonymous7:36 am

    It was a great day - for all of us! If you have not been to the Pegg Garden, put it on you "to do" list. This would be a great stop during the fall season.The "Instructor" helped with my project - just like I used to help her when she was little and I had the knowledge - yep, the roles change as we age. Thanks Lorraine and Lonna!


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