13 September 2014


Goodnight. :)


  1. Anonymous11:31 pm

    any idea of the weight of fruit you processed? This looks like a BIG job.. sleep well!

  2. Well, three Ikea laundry baskets (those silver ones that collapse) so full I couldn't lift them ... maybe 90 lbs each? The Boy carried them into the house for me - and that was just the apples. The crabapples filled one smaller basket, probably 80 lbs of those ... though I bailed and left a 5 gallon pail of them for the animals (they are harder to grind as the pulp is very dry and you have to keep resetting the juicer). The canned juice is almost every jar I had left ... there's a full batch of crabapple/apple cider fermenting, some apple/peach juice in the fridge, and we will likely just drink the rest of the cider fresh! It's delicious.
    I know it was a lot of apples, because I am very sore today. :)


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