04 June 2015

Swedish Loom Rescue: Part 1

Someone posted on Ravelry that there was a loom looking for a home. It was in pieces, had belonged to the lady’s grandmother, and was more of a restoration than the new weaver could conquer.

I couldn’t resist.

So, I came home with a pile of wood and got to work.


The shape of the body and those overhanging arms make me think Swedish loom. The lady said they lived in a Scandanavian community near Camrose, so … that would fit.

I get the impression it’s had several incarnations. The loom frame is put together with pegs (no nails, no screws), even the ratchet is attached with a wooden peg.


The overhead bar that the heddles hang from isn’t quite right though, nor are the metal heddles … this kind of loom would traditionally have string heddles on pulleys, and the beater bar (which is made partly from plywood) doesn’t rock properly …


I need to build a cradle, and add some adjustable support pegs, like this:


(A piece of wood with holes drilled through it then sliced in half on the table saw oughta work.)

Regardless, the adventure has been keeping me out of trouble for the last couple of days. So far I have:

  • Sanded everything with the palm sander
  • Stained (many many coats)
  • Waxed
  • Rubbed dry
  • Cleaned all the metal bits
  • Reassembled treadles and lamms (with better spacers than the chunks of wood that were on it – I used lengths of garden hose between the treadles as it’s nice and quiet, and the round rings you use for connecting PEX tubing were exactly the right width for the lamms)


Next up :

  • Fix the hanging beater (add cradles and pins so it rocks properly)
  • Figure out what’s up with the heddle support (I think it’s too wide, and the pulleys have an extra hole I can’t figure out – I think I’ll make a new heddle support that can be pegged in place / lifted out)
  • New warp beam (I’m thinking a big-ass fence post … )
  • New tensioning system – probably a live weight system like this
  • Possibly a new cloth beam, or just a new apron on the existing beam – I need to see if the crack in the beam is making it uneven or not
  • Add a crank handle to the cloth beam (I’m looking at a ship’s wheel, which would be an easy way to get something like what Glimakra uses on their looms)
  • Make heddle bars and horses
  • Order Texsolv heddles and loopy chain stuff for tying up treadles


This is fun. :)

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  1. Anonymous9:02 am

    Glad you are enjoying the rescue - would be so interesting to know the details of the life of this beautiful antique!


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