29 November 2006

Guess where we are going today?

Absolutely nowhere.

The temperature has not gone above -25 for the past 24 hours, the truck absolutely refuses to start, and AMA is taking anywhere from 8 -24 hours to respond to calls if you're not stranded in a ditch.

Believe me, I'm glad I'm not stranded in a ditch in this weather. Let the tow trucks go help those poor souls - we are inside, safe and warm.

And we're not in the shed!

We are on power conserve mode, waiting for the sun to come up and give us some more juice - the generator still runs on gasoline, and I emptied the last jerry can yesterday night. I also emailed the natural gas company to find out about getting that changed over ... once we have it hooked up to the pipeline, we don't have to babysit it anywhere near as much.

We do have a nice stack of firewood, courtesy of Union Guy, and have had a hot fire going steadily. We have a natural gas stove that requires no electricity at all, so we can always cook (although I've been keeping a kettle on the fire - might as well use the heat for multiple purposes) and we've got water in jugs (if the power is completely out, the well pump won't run, and so we're stuck without running water).

I bundled up in all my gear this morning and fed the dogs, sheep, cats and chickens ... believe it or not, everyone's fine. Jack the ram looks a bit chilly - he's covered in a layer of frost but I think he's actually okay underneath. Everyone was huddled together to keep warm, and the dogs are out being their usual goofy selves this morning. Mackenzie hasn't managed to escape his 'training pen' (although I can see he's been trying) and the three Icelandics are none the worse for wear - I suspect they are doing their job and teaching him to respect his sheep.

Now it's time to log in and do some work - thankfully, I am able to do most of what I do remotely if need be ... and today, that's what needs be!

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  1. Anonymous10:22 pm

    It was -2C in Texas today so we didn't go anywhere either!! Good day to be an indoor dog!! :-)

    Love you, AC


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