01 November 2006

Suddenly winter!

Suddenly, it's winter.

Fall just seemed to be getting underway when a few flakes started to fall ... and then a few more ... and more ... and more. Before I knew it, the ground was covered. Well, that sometimes happens in the fall, I thought, but then it melts. Not this time. It's well up over my ankles in most places, deeper in the ditches. The grader came by our house on Tuesday, plowing the roads.

The snow sits on the top of the sheep's heads making funny little piles that don't melt but just sit there, looking like odd hats.

Thank goodness I had some hay brought over, or the sheep would have been very hungry.

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  1. Anonymous10:42 am

    Snow?? What is snow? :-) Us Texans down see that very often!! We love seeing your pictures of snow. It reminds us that we don't ever want to have to shovel again! But then we seldom get to enjoy a good fire in our fireplace either.

    Love you, AC


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