12 February 2007

Happy Birthday, Union Guy!

Today is Union Guy's birthday.

In honour of the occasion, I thought I'd share a few of my reasons for thinking he is such a cool guy.


Union Guy is awesome because:
  • he will listen to my crazy ideas (and then proceed to make fun of them if it's warranted, or help me make them real if it's possible)
  • he is very funny (he will tell you this at every opportunity, too, being the modest and humble sort that he is...)
  • he is a very good dad to his kids and he goes out of his way to be good to mine as well
  • he is thoughtful and helpful - from little things (like bringing milk on the way home) to medium sized things (like catching sheep so they can be given injections or get their hooves trimmed) to really, really big things (like taking days off work to put insulation in my ceiling or get covered in black gucky tar while sealing vapor barrier)
  • he is an excellent cake decorator (even though he has yet to make one of them for me ... still, his skills are superior)
  • he once used a lasso to capture two escaped sheep (oh, what I would have given to have witnessed that feat!)
  • he helps me install fencing (this is a truly unpleasant job at +26 Celsius, and an even worse job at -15 Celsius, and he's done both)
  • he thinks Tombstone is one of the greatest movies ever (he finally talked me into watching it, and I was forced to agree with him)

and, last but not least ....

  • he shops for gifts at Princess Auto

Happy Birthday, Union Guy. You're the best. :)

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