18 February 2007

Lamb coats

The weather has taken a turn towards spring, with temperatures up above freezing every day for the last couple of days.

We decided that as long as it's warm, the lambs might as well get some fresh air! We moved the big chain link kennel onto the temporary deck outside the patio doors, filled it with hay, and put the lambs outside for the day. They curl up together to sleep, play with the hay (and occasionally eat some of it) and munch on their lamb feed. We do bring them in at night as it's still too chilly without a mama to curl up next to.

The guardian dogs come by to visit, and sometimes McKenzie will wedge himself right up against the kennel so that he is near the lambs. He'll lie there for awhile, making sure everything is okay, I suppose.

The wind had picked up today, so The Boy helped me sew some lamb coats to keep the chill off. Very fashionable, don't you think?


  1. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Those lamb coats are so cute. Hope you continue to have good luck with the baby lambs.

  2. Anonymous12:15 am

    The lamb coats are lovely. Nice they can get out and enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful outdoor world God created for them! It will be so much fun to check here often to see their progress. That means you have to update often!! :)

    Love, AC

  3. Anonymous7:50 am

    Frazzle, darling coats! I need to make some for my 'incoming' babies (whenever they come.) Glad you shared your blog addy on HT; I love reading people's blogs!

    (ps...I'd have logged in, but it wouldn't let me!)

    Tracey...aka kesoaps :)


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