26 September 2007

Construction update

It's been awhile since a construction update was posted, but construction has indeed been progressing!

The basement has all the in-floor heating in place: insulation, tubing, and the concrete floor! Earlier this week the cork flooring was purchased for the downstairs - there is a clearance store in town that had some very pretty stuff on for a very low price, and it'll be just fine downstairs. The selection for upstairs is a bit more specific, but this is beautiful cork and will make a very nice surface to play on in the basement.

The most exciting part, to me, is the work on the 'bridge' between the two houses. The siding from my house has been removed where the two buildings will join, and the joists placed between the two buildings on pilings (sunk 8 feet in the ground using a rented auger and The Reluctant Farmer's new bobcat). The underside of the bridge is finished, and the walls are in place, so you can clearly see how it will all look when it's done. Trusses are being built on the ground and will be installed this week, so it'll be a real hallway then!

The bridge is going to be wonderful: it is 10x8, wide enough to house the washer/dryer and the freezer, making them easily accessible from either house, and still leave plenty of room to walk. It's got two windows to let in light, and the floor provides a channel for pipes and wiring to run between the two buildings.

The rumor is that roof trusses for the house will be delivered Friday, but we'll believe that when we see it. It'll be great to have it roofed in, though - the tarp that's on it won't hold up to much more wind and weather, and we don't want the inside all wet!


  1. Anonymous6:57 pm

    We LOVE seeing progress!! We were beginning to think nothing was going on out there! :-) Looks great! Keep the pictures coming.

    Love you, AC & UT

  2. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Summer has been extended here in Ontario..28 today...but winter is coming ...hope you are all cozy long before the snow flies


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