09 September 2007

A dream come true for The Reluctant Farmer

The Reluctant Farmer has been wishing for a Land Cruiser for a long time now. His Hilux Surf was the 'entry point': it was cool, it was a Toyota, it was good for off-roading ... but it wasn't a Cruiser.

A little while ago, a beautiful 1991 imported Land Cruiser, in great shape, came available.

Saturday, we drove 3.5 hours south to pick it up. :)

It rumbles when it drives, like an old 1960s muscle car.

It runs on diesel, which is cheaper than gasoline by about 10c/L, on average.

The lower body panels are covered in the same stuff as the inside of my truck bed liner: rust-free and chip-resistant.

It's got a heavy duty roof rack, and extra lights that are so bright that you can see *anything* on the road in front of you.

It has .... *cruise control*. Very cool.

And ...

The center console, between the driver's and passenger's seats, has a built in cooler. You can put a couple of cans of Coke and a bottle or two of water in there, hit the 'cool' button, and have chilled beverages, while you drive!

How neat is that?

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