30 March 2008

Construction Update

So much has happened it's hard to put it all into a single update! Let's try a list:
  • the bathroom works (although the shower isn't there, the walls are painted and the sink and toilet function, which is the most important part of any bathroom!)
  • the bedrooms are all finished and inhabited by their respective owners (Dinosaur Boy even got an undersea wall mural for his room ... the installation is an adventure we don't intend to repeat, but it sure does look neat!)
  • the living room and hallway are painted, trim is on, curtains are up (well, there is one small window that still needs something, but the big windows are covered) and there is even some furniture in place
  • the pantry is complete (this is one of my favourites: the Reluctant Farmer made shelves for the pantry from leftover tongue-and-groove pine boards, and the cupboard holds plenty of food in a way that makes it really easy to see what you have and what you're running low on ... and, the kitchen has been entirely reorganized to make use of the freed up space)
  • the front entry way now has laminate flooring, and as I type, The Reluctant Farmer is installing that same laminate in the 'bridge' that goes between the two houses
  • the old boiler has been removed, and we run off the new high-efficiency boiler that lives in the basement of the addition: this means we have room in the front hallway where the old boiler used to be, and we can walk through the passage between the houses without having to maneouver around that bulky thing
  • the washing machine has moved to the bridge: The Reluctant Farmer now has plumbing skills too, he moved the washer and it's associated hookups with some guidance from our plumber, but he did all the work himself ... and this is one less thing to walk around in the entryway as well (the washer used to sit beside the boiler, making the front entryway very crowded)
  • The Boy got new curtains for his bedroom, from a very bright Celtic knotwork cotton he picked out at the fabric store
  • Many things have shifted to new homes, making for more 'breathing room' throughout the living spaces ... we're not clambering over boxes of things quite as much any more, and the storage unit is slowly emptying out as room is made here for things


  1. Anonymous7:01 am

    Wow! hard to imagine that not that long ago you and the boy were in that very tiny shed space shivering through the nights. I remember when Applejack was building, and we lived with the construction, it was great fun to be able to scribble all over the walls before the plaster was applied. You guys have done a huge amount of work. Congrats on the beautiful finished product.!

  2. Anonymous8:47 pm

    I love my curtains!!! Bright yellow, orange with a black background. Looks really cool when the light shines through it!


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