07 March 2008

Two more lambs...

On Sunday, Cherub delivered a pretty ram lamb whose colouring leads us to believe that Bruce, our Icelandic/Suffolk ram was indeed doing his job this past fall!

And, Wednesday morning, we found Mama (the sheep who, last year, couldn't seem to figure out that both of the twins she had delivered were actually hers) with a nice ewe lamb, and although we did look around to see if there was a missing twin, it would appear that there was, indeed, only one this time. It's a bit surprising to have no twins yet ... but, healthy singles are good too. :)

This one has the dainty ears and fine frame of Clarence, the Icelandic/Southdown ram lamb who was born to Natalie last year. You can see the Icelandic influence in them right away in the fuzzy fleece. If you compare to the tight curls of the Columbia/Hampshire lambs (the ones born so far this year ... scroll down for pictures) the difference is immediately clear.

I am really excited to see the colour, at least, I want more colour in my flock and as all the lambs last year were white Southdown babies, so this is exciting! It will be interesting to see how these lambs look in a couple of months when they get to be a bit bigger. They sure are cute now!

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  1. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Hey, you guys are good at producing cute babies this year!! :-)

    Love, AC


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