28 February 2008

A room for The Princess

Princess Girl's bedroom is finally ready!

We won't move over to the addition until all the bedrooms are in place, which should be some time next week: we have a bit more finishing work in Dinosaur Boy's room, and then flooring and trim in ours, and that'll be enough to allow everyone a place to sleep out of the dust and construction. The rest of the main floor will take a bit more time to complete, but it is sooooooo nice to finally see real progress!

Features of this amazing 'castle themed room' include the following:
- the bed is a real antique, it belonged to my great-grandmother (and is a size that is no longer standard, so it has a custom made foam mattress on it)
- the bunny on the bed belonged to Gram (my mom) and she gave it to Princess Girl at Christmas this year
- the ivory bedding was on this bed when it lived in Gram and Grandpa's guest bedroom last year
- and the oil painting of the ballerina girl is from my Grandma and Apple Jack's house (it hung in the bedroom I always slept in when I went to their house to visit)
- the curtains are a very bright red-pink crystal organza, from Ikea, and the curtain rod hangers are hand made by The Reluctant Farmer himself

Additional touches yet to come include the requisite wall shelves, of course, and several pictures of castles, many to be supplied by Auntie Ausra and Uncle Nato who have been to a few neat places in their time in Europe, and take wonderful photographs.

Have a look!

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  1. Anonymous7:10 pm

    I love the finished product...and I'm sure the entire space holds many memories for you as well.


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