02 February 2008

2008 Public Speaking Competition

Today was our 4-H Club's Public Speaking competition.

The kids are divided into groups by age: 9-11 are Junor, 12-14 are Intermediate, and 15 and over are Seniors. They can do either a presentation, in which they demonstrate how to do something, or do the combo-pack of a prepared speech and an impromptu speech. We had three presentations today, and nine speeches.

The Boy has been steadily improving his public speaking skills since he started: in his first year of 4-H, he was petrified of the whole idea of public speaking, bursting into tears while practicing his speech at home, and saying "don't look at me!" Of course, by the time the competition came around, he had gotten past that and he managed to get up there in front of a room full of people and deliver his speech just fine.

Last year, he came in a very close second in his age group.

This year, he came in first. :)

The Boy will be going on to District level competitions and we are very proud of him.

I think the best moment today was when he got up to do his impromptu speech. The kids get to draw three topics at random, then pick one for their one to two minute speech. His topic: I am grateful for...

The first thing on his list: My parents.

Yep, there I was, grinning like a fool, and thinking to myself how absolutlely wonderful it was that The Boy chose the plural for that, including The Reluctant Farmer as his parent. The Reluctant Farmer is, in every way, The Boy's parent, and it's awfully nice to hear those words spoken out loud by The Boy himself.

Also on the list of things he is grateful for were his pets, who are loveable and keep him company, and the dogs, who guard his sheep and keep them from being eaten by coyotes ... good food ... his toys, because many people in the world don't have many toys ... the whole thing was really rewarding for his mom, I must say. :)

So the big red ribbon will go in his record book, and he'll be practicing for the next level of competition, which is in three weeks. Exciting times at our house!


  1. Anonymous7:37 am

    WOOHOOO!!!!! Way to go!!! We are proud of you!!!

    Love you, AC & UT

  2. Anonymous7:23 am

    I remember those speeches at school. Ours were sponsored by the Rotary. Good practice for the Boy to get used to speaking in public so he can be prepared to be Prime Minister in his future life. Congrats to him and a special note of praise to the parents who do the encouraging and the driving to and from..you are good folks!


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