24 February 2008

District Public Speaking

The Boy, having won at the club level, was advanced to the District competitions in public speaking for 4-H.

We went today to the competition, and he did an absolutely fabulous job. His impromptu speech must be between 1 and 2 minutes: the biggest challenge is usually in filling that first minute, but he did exactly one and a half minutes on the topic of "my favourite animal" ... which was his dogs! Duggan, the beagle, featured prominently in the speech, as did Bob and McKenzie in their jobs as guardians.

He did not place first or second (the only two ranked positions), but he certainly did a good job and stated after he finished his speeches that he was proud of himself - as he should be.

Very few people really enjoy public speaking, and for him to be comfortable and competent in such a difficult task is something to be proud of, for sure!

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