18 February 2008

Two lambs in two days!

The Reluctant Farmer looked out the window Sunday morning, came back to the bedroom door and said “Well, get dressed!”

Jaws (the Columbia ewe that I acquired this past summer - she's very sweet, I'm not sure why she's called Jaws) was out in the pasture with her new baby.

The new lamb was up and walking around, nursing all on her own, and very sturdy. She’s got some funny looking spots (she is half Hampshire and half Columbia: Columbia sheep are all white, and Hampshires have black faces and legs … somehow, the crossbreeds seem to end up with spots!) and with those long lamb legs and big adorable ears, she just looks cute and goofy.

The Reluctant Farmer named this one Dingledork. It’s a name he uses for people who are being goofy or weird (“Oh, come on, don’t be such a dingledork…”), and it just seemed to suit her. He had added this name to the list of “D” names early on, and when we saw this lamb, it just seemed to fit!

Pictures will be posted as soon as we get them uploaded.

Oh, we also measured and weighed both new lambs today: they are BIG babies! Dilly Bar is 13 lbs and Dingledork is 15. They were both out meandering around the pasture today, poking at the fresh straw and investigating their new world.

Lambs are great.

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  1. Anonymous9:50 pm

    We will be waiting to see pictures of this new baby!!! How much fun!

    Love, AC


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