10 May 2008

Independence Days Update

My goodness, another week has gone by already!

Ok, what did I do on the Independence Days challenge this week?

Planted: I planted more pumpkin seeds. See, we had put the pumpkins outside as they were doing really well ... and then I forgot to check the weather forecast and a frost killed them. :( So, we have more planted and THOSE will go outside, after it warms up some more! I also planted some lettuce seeds, and those are coming up in their little starter pan by the window, and I planted more pepper seeds, but peppers don't seem to want to germinate for me. I wonder if they want to be warmer.

Harvested: Well, we harvested a lot of eggs this week, but I don't think I can say I harvested anything else. There is a bunch of wool out there wandering around on my sheep, and it is in dire need of harvesting ... it's a question of time and good weather. Perhaps tomorrow.

Preserved: Nothing this week.

Stored: I did sort out a couple of closets today, and was able to store some clothes for future use. I don't need to keep all this stuff in daily rotation, so if I put some of it away, then when I take it out in a year or two, it'll feel new! I also put away some things that will fit the next person in line in a year or two, so they are ready in anticipation of growth spurts.

Prepped: I did the usual 'once a month grocery store run' on the big 15% off day, and was able to add a few more things to the pantry. I didn't have as much time as I like, so I stuck mostly to the list, but I think that was a good thing too. Our pantry is looking pretty good, although it is in need of a few more tomatoes.

Managed: As mentioned above, I cleaned out some closets and took stock of some of our posessions, mostly in the clothing and kitchen gadgetry department. We brought a few useful items out of storage (we hadn't needed them for awhile, so they got stored ... now they are needed again, so out they come). One item was a coffee maker: we have found that we'd like to make a whole pot on some days, so in addition to our usual 'two cuppper', we have a full sized pot out now too. The other item was a 'juice strainer' - it is a device that fits over a pot and allows you to put liquidy stuff in the top and have it strain through a bag into a pot below (think 'making jelly'). I have wanted it a couple of times, but wasn't sure where it was ... so when I stumbled across it today, I put it in the pantry where I'll be able to find it!

Cook Something New: Hmm, not that I can think of. We are doing pretty well with not using too much pre-packaged stuff, but we still have a ways to go there.

Work on Local Food Systems: Does keeping an eye on the condition of the sheep count? They are in sorry condition ... we need to get them on pasture soon, but we are waiting on the grass.

Reduce Waste: I can't really think of any way we did this ... sorry to say.

Learned a Skill: Well, I transplanted seedlings for the first time, I think that's about all I can add in this category.

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  1. Anonymous1:26 pm

    We stopped being independent long ago. We have moved into survival mode . A lot of what you are doing was done by your grandparents. Maybe there is some truth in the saying that what goes around, actually comes around again.


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