05 May 2008

Yes, we are still here...

We are a bit on the weary side, but we are, indeed, still here.

One of my relatives was taken ill earlier last month. The diagnosis took a long time ... and now that it has arrived, we are adpating. It's not good news, but, it is a journey we must all take at some point so ... on we go.

The circle of life does keep turning: the winter storm that hit a couple of weeks ago left in its wake nothing but muddy puddles and green grass, thereby providing immense pleasure for small boys and happy chickens. The lambs continue to grow steadily, routinely escaping the pasture to nibble on the fresh grass shoots coming up in the ditches and beside the house. We finally cross-fenced the large pasture that they've been living in, locking them out of the majority of the pasture: the grass needs time to grow about an inch long before the sheep are turned in to eat, otherwise they'll nibble the tender seedlings down and the grass will die off. So far, our gates are holding, but the sheep do stand right next to them, looking longingly at the fresh grass on the other side.

The chickens have stepped up production with the increased daylight and the joy of free-range eating: they roam the yard pecking at bugs, seeds, and bits of grass and reward us with 8 or more eggs on a daily basis. It is wonderful to have such bounty in our own yard: we eat a lot of eggs, both as a food in their own right and in baking, wherever they might add some protein or improve texture. I haven't had to eat store eggs in a long time, and I am glad of it!

We are finalizing preparations for the wedding, getting the last few logistical details sorted out (making sure everyone has clean shoes to wear, matching socks, and that I have enough knitting projects to last a week). It's as low-key as you can make this sort of thing, but any time you pack up and head out you have to make lists and keep track of the details.

So ... off to look at the list!

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