26 June 2008

Honours for The Boy

Today was the last day of school for The Boy. We went to the awards ceremony, and were pleased to see that he received the Award of Excellence with Distinction, meaning he had grades of over 80% in all his core subjects. We are proud of him!

The surprise of the day was the results of the Royal Canadian Legion Poetry Contest. Not only did his poem win at the Branch level, but he got second place at the Area level too!

He wrote this back in the fall, with no help whatsoever from anyone.

I Miss You

I sit here in the rain
as I write to you,
remembering the things
we used to do.

In this freezing world
my feet are ice cold,
my body wet.

There are bombs expliding
a big threat.
The enemy planes overhead,
searching for the dead.

but I feel a bit safer
in this fox hole I made,
with two of my buddies with me,
the rest are all gone.

I'd like to see our baby girl
and hold her in my arms.
Tell her that I love her,
I miss our peaceful farm.

This is a very lonely night,
now I have to go back
and join the fight.


  1. Wow...a poet in the family. How cool! Great job! :)

  2. Anonymous10:52 am

    Thank you!


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