01 July 2008

Independence Days update

Wow, it's time for an update already! Let's see what we have done:

Didn't plant anything new, as I have no empty spaces in the garden! :) I did make a start on supports for the pea and bean plants, but I have more to do there. I have done some weeding, added mulch (the bunny bedding makes great mulch) and I hooked up another hose to make watering simpler.

Not yet ... although the potatoes and beets are looking like they might be about ready!

Hmm ... nope.

I will classify 'infrastructure work' under preparation this week, as we are trying hard to get our infrastructure solidly in place now, while we can afford to do things the way we would like. We put in posts for the third pasture, and today we put in more posts and ran wire and installed a gate to the main winter pasture in preparation for winter. Looking out the window just now, however, I see that the sheep are eating the grass outside the pasture ... so apparently we need to do a bit more work there.

Managed Reserves
I purchased several boxes of cereal that I found at a good price, so we won't need any of that for awhile.

Cooked something new
Nope, it's been a pretty hectic week.

Reduced Waste
We are reusing fence posts and fence wire in our infrastructure work, and today I gave away a tent trailer that we have no need of anymore to a friend who can make use of it. It was just taking up space here and selling it was going to be a headache ... so when he said he'd take it, I was thrilled!

Learned a new skill
I was the judge for a cattle costume competition at Focus on 4-H this weekend, does that count? It was certainly something completely new!

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  1. Anonymous8:41 am

    Oh you are busy!!! I saw something yesterday I found interesting. Insulating your home with sheep's wool. I hadn't heard of that before!!!

    Love you, AC


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