31 March 2009

And onward...

I am feeling very tired the last few days, although I am not sure why, particularly. Perhaps I'm just anxious for the winter to end and spring to really show up! The snow is starting to melt and the patches of brown dry grass are bigger each day, so it won't be long now.

We picked up two bottle lambs, as our lambing season hasn't been as successful as we had hoped, and we'll likely need the additional meat. One is doing well and out with everyone else, the other has acquired pneumonia and is in the bathroom receiving penicillin injections and regular bottles of milk. She's doing okay, not great, but okay, so with luck she'll pull through the sickness. She does seem reasonably perky, and she doesn't seem to mind being inside at all, which is good!

We're still waiting on Sasha and the calf ... I have absolutely no clue how long this may take, the signs are there, but it's so hard to tell. It's like with the sheep: some of them look ready to have their lambs for two weeks and then finally give birth, others look like they are barely pregnant and one morning you look outside and find them with twins at their sides!

The seedlings are coming along ... I'll post more about that soon.

Oh the biggest news: I peeled the bubble wrap off several of the windows! Now THAT is a sign of spring!

What is happening at your house in anticipation of spring?


  1. Ummm . . at our house? in anticpation of spring (make that summer)?? Mowing grass, replanting radishes because we have eaten the first batch, wearing shorts, going to baseball games, etc.!! :-)

    Love, AC

  2. Anonymous11:21 am

    Since we are now retired, spring means cleaning golf clubs and getting the golf cart serviced. Snow tires need to be removed from the other vehicles. Spring means birthday cakes here as well. It's amazing how little it takes to amuse us older folks.!! and how tired we get just looking at "real" work.!!


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