17 September 2009

The Nova Scotia Hat

A friend of mine who also likes yarn and knitting and such went to Nova Scotia this summer on a holiday. Before she left, I gave her $20 and said “find me some cool yarn and send it back!”

Now see, that gave her a totally valid reason to drag her significant other into all the yarn shops along the way, so it was a win-win kind of deal. :)

The yarn that came home was a lovely Cotswold/mohair mix, hand dyed in beautiful jewel tones. At first, I thought maybe it wanted to be a scarf, but there just wasn’t quite enough of it to make a worthwhile scarf, and well, it just didn’t seem right. So, yarn being the wonderfully reusable stuff that it is, I pulled it back and made a hat instead.

Voila: the Nova Scotia Hat.

Any knitters out there interested in the pattern? If so, leave a comment and I’ll write it up. It was pretty easy knitting, overall, even those cool crossed over long stitches aren’t hard, and there’s only 2 rounds of them.


  1. It's lovely! It can be so hard to get a winter toque that fits nicely in between "functional" and "fashionable." I think you did a fabulous-fashionably-functional job!

  2. I'm just getting around to reading friend's blogs and there is a lot to catch up on. Love the hat and I'd love the pattern. I have three Cotswold ewes and I'm looking forward to working with their fleece next spring. I plan to breed them to a Clun Forest ram. Back to reading now,
    The Lazy Farmer


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