02 July 2010

Images from Fibre Week

I want to write more about what I learned, but I’m a bit under the weather so the pictures will have to do for now.

Felted boots start off like this:

Then after much smushing and rolling, they look like this:

It’s difficult to tell the scale, but that boot would be too big for my Dad. Dad has big feet. I do not.

The little wooden scrub board thing fits comfortably in the hand, it’s a little bigger than a full bar of soap. That’s a huge boot.

After more rolling and squishing and rubbing on a washboard and scrubbing with the wooden thing, you get this:

Almost  the size of my shoe, now.

Further scrubbing (while wearing the boots, actually – I had no idea foot massages were included in tuition) you get this:

A pair of boots perfectly moulded to my feet. I also made enough felt for a pair of insoles, and a pair of outsoles (which will be coated with anti-slip stuff).

The whole class had finished boots when we were done, all different:

And, as a representative sample of what you see all over campus during Fibre Week, here is a happy knitting type person, showing off a stocking she made:

She said, “Making it took me to my happy place.” It shows, eh?

Fibre Week is awesome.

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  1. You made boots!? That's awesome. Being of felted wool, does that make them waterproof? And did you use your own wool?

    I'd like to try to felt a couple of hats for me and my girls. One in particular loves felted hats and looks great in them. Plus it looks like fun!


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