03 July 2010

These boots were made for walkin'

(That was the title of our boot making class at Fibre Week, taught by the fabulous Tracey Kuffner.)

The boots now have the completed outsoles in place:

Outsoles are cut from a sheet of felt (not quite as hard as the boots themselves, but definitely felted to a tougher consistency than the insoles), and have a thin layer of silicone spread over the bottoms for traction.

Attaching them to the boots was fairly easy - starting on one centre side, they were stitched down with blanket stitch, then folded across the sole and measured (and trimmed as need be) then attached to the other side. I gradually worked forward and back to the toes and heels, and stitched those last, easing in the fullness and stitching well.

With about a centimetre of wool between my feet and the floor, they feel fabulous.

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