04 December 2011

Dear Kitty:

I am sorry to have been remiss in teaching fire safety to you.

When an ember from the fireplace lands on your fur, you must not run. You need to STOP, DROP and ROLL. When you run, the ember just lights up more and if you keep running, it will not just singe your fur and cause the house to smell awful but it will get to your skin and that will hurt!

Good for you for letting us catch you and douse the ember with water. Thanks for not scratching us while we helped, too.

We promise to move you from your nice warm spot by the wood stove next time we add a fresh log, just to be safe … honestly, embers don’t fall out very often … but if this should ever happen again, could you PLEASE just follow the basic plan?


We care about you.


Your People

(one of whom happens to be a firefighter - and if he saw you running through the house with your fur on fire, he’d probably douse you with the extinguisher … so be glad he wasn’t home and you only got put in the sink!)

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