30 December 2011

Washing machines really do eat socks

The washer has been acting weird for the last few days – insisting that it has too many suds, and trying over and over and over again to drain the water from the drum.

After yet another load of laundry got stuck in a seemingly endless cycle, I decided to do some troubleshooting. A quick Google search suggested that the problem was most likely a clog somewhere in the drain line, and gave hints as to how to find the drain and clear it.

With the help of the Reluctant Farmer, we got the washer tipped on it’s side and the drain hose removed. Nothing much in there, just a bit of lint. Then we attacked the other end of the drain hose and lo and behold … a sock was stuck in the drain pump.

Really, a sock.

Now I have no idea how a sock can get through those little drain holes on the sides of the washer drum and manage to get itself stuck in the drain, but we now have proof: washing machines really do eat socks.


  1. Anonymous5:20 pm

    We are happy for your confrimation - now we know the whereabouts of the socks that "have no brothers and no sisters" as you once said when you were very little... they are down the drain! Hope this resolves your challenges and that the washer has much time to work efficiently!

  2. Anonymous7:54 pm

    hate it when that happens !! I put too many clothes in and I think the sock went over the top plugging the drain from that direction. For a few years we had some very little socks and they were easier for the machine to eat....and eat them it did!!


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