03 September 2012

Pretty copper things

I’ve been dealing with a bit of a “mental health flu” – nothing too serious, just enough to make me feel a bit off balance and short of words.

So, I will share some pictures instead. These are some lovely new hand made copper shawl pins that a local artisan makes – we have them in the Flannelberry Creek store, and they are just lovely!

Just the thing to hold your shawl or scarf in place. Light weight, with a natural finish that will age to an interesting patina over time.

As I was putting up the listings, there was one lovely spiral piece that simply refused to upload the image … even after trying three or four times. I took that as a sign that this particular one must want to belong to me. :)


  1. Anonymous9:59 am

    They are lovely - and I like your shopping style! LOL

  2. Hey, I believe in listening to the messages the Universe is sending me.

    *Clearly* that particular pin needed to stay here. :) (The fact that it was one of two I had been seriously considering for myself just made it that much more obvious!)

    Ahh, the hazards of running a fibre shop.

    Yeah, I think I can live with this level of risk. :D


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