14 December 2012

So much sorrow.

After reading about the shooting at the elementary school in the US today, I want to carpet bomb the world with tea sets and meditation cushions. A cup of tea and a bit of quiet for everyone, not guns and murdered children and murdered teachers.

So many heartbroken families today. So much pain and sorrow, because one person's pain was more than he could bear on his own, and the only way he knew how to cope with it was to hurt those around him. So sad.

Take care of yourselves. Take care of everyone around you, whether you know them well or not. Get help when you are hurting. Help others when you can.  Share a cup of tea. Sit for a bit in the quiet.

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  1. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Incredible heart break - we are indeed a very broken society. I heard a report from a dad in a war torn country - he said it is impossible to make you children believe that YOU as the adult can and will protect them and very quickly, we who are not "at war" have joined the ranks of those parents. Sad


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